Practical art instruction in drawing and painting for children,
teens, and adults who want to be creative in their free time.

What’s unique about BellinghamART

We’re celebrating more than 14 years as an art school, providing artistic development for artists of all ages and abilities. Our professional artist/instructors teach engaging, age-appropriate classes and encourage students to explore their creativity and develop confidence in art skills with new materials and techniques.

Art classes for Children

Our classes go beyond ‘fun’ art projects for children. As the premier provider of art classes for children as young as 4 in Bellingham and Whatcom County, we provide quality art instruction that develops traditional art skills and increases self-confidence. While teaching a child to draw, paint and sculpt we include academic information in subjects such as social studies, geography, math and science.

Art classes for Teens

Teens with the confidence to accomplish anything – that’s our goal. Our students not only learn how to draw, paint and sculpt; they also develop their creative problem solving, and essential life skills to achieve success in school and in life. Our supportive, non-competitive environment allows students to explore creativity with new materials and techniques and provide the structure to ensure skill development.

Art classes for Adults

Learning to draw and paint can change lives. Adult students receive clear ‘hands-on’ art instruction in a wide range of mediums and techniques. Their artistic sensibilities are valued and encouraged in exciting ways. Our classes follow the principles of drawing and painting from observation. Students learn technique, theory, and application through practice in the time-honored tradition of classical training.

BellinghamART is ‘where everyone can learn to draw, and paint’