Summer Art Camps for Children, Teens and Adults

Weekly, Monday thru Thursday, June 26 to August 3

bellingham summer art camps classroom with teacher lynn zimmerman

Ages 6 thru 8
9 am to 12 pm or 1 pm to 4 pm: $180

You’ll create quality art and crafts while learning the basics of drawing and painting using acrylics, watercolor and pastels. A variety of projects use media such as sculpting, collage, block printing, scratch art and painting.

Ocean Art Mysteries: June 26 to 29
Don’t miss out on drawing, painting and sculpting pirates, mermaids, lost treasure, dolphins and tropical fish for your undersea art adventure.

Your Art Buffet: July 5 to 7 ($135 for 3 days)
You’ll draw, paint and sculpt for three days and using three different surprise themes’ from some of our most popular and exciting Summer Camp projects.

Fantasy Art Adventure: July 10 to 13
Join us for an exciting art adventure drawing, sculpting and painting the enchanted fantasy kingdom of dragons, gnomes, and faeries

Cartoons and Clay: July 17 to 20
Learn to draw, paint and sculpt your favorite classic animated cartoon characters such as Garfield, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Wallace and Gromit.

Around the World with Art: July 24 to 27
An exciting trip around the world drawing and painting from the Penguins of the South Pole and on to China, France and the African grasslands.

A Mexico Art Fiesta: July 31 to August 3
Learn about the people, animals and treasures from south of the border, the home of some of our world’s biggest pyramids, exciting designs, and vibrant colors and textures.

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Ages 7 and up
1 pm to 4 pm: $180

Creating with Lego: July 31 to August 3
Our ‘Lego Lady’ will lead you using the Lego Education curriculum for architecture, car design, geography, team builds and our epic ‘brick throw down’.

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Ages 9 and up
9 am to 12 pm or 1 to 4 pm: $180

Use your creativity with pastel, collage, watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal and acrylic paint for projects that may include silk painting, block printing, metal emboss, polymer clay figures and ceramic painting.

Art Under the Sea: June 26 to 29
An art adventure under the world’s oceans where you’ll create drawings, watercolors, and a silk painting of whales, turtles, tropical fish, and exotic underwater life.

An Art Smorgasbord: July 5 to 7 ($135 for 3 days)
Using three different ‘surprise themes’ from some of our most popular Summer Camp projects you’ll create your own original art drawing, painting and sculpting.

Draw and Paint Animals: July 10 to 13
Draw and paint the world’s most amazing animals from fierce to friendly, and from jungles to your own neighborhood, with children’s book illustrator Andrea Gabriel.

Golden Age of Animation: July 17 to 20
Learn to draw facial expressions and animation to bring your own character to life and create a classic ‘flip animation book and painted color cell to go with your background art.

The World of Dragons: July 24 to 27
Learn the secrets of Australian Aboriginal Rainbow Serpents to Chinese Imperial Dragons by drawing and painting these strange and wonderful marvels of mystery.

Mexico Art Inspirations: July 31 to August 3
Create folk art, colorful designs, drawings and paintings and learn about the culture, animals and landscape in the daily life of our neighbors south of the border.

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Teens and Adults
1 pm to 4 pm: $200

Take your art to the next level this summer with these weekly camps, designed just for teen and adult artists.

Drawing From Observation: July 10 to 13
Draw from still life to learn the effect of light on form and create volume and line working in pencil, charcoal and other drawing mediums.

Introduction to Portrait Drawing: July 17 to 20
Work from master artist reference, photos and a live model to learn about the skull, facial muscles, structure composition, lighting, proportion, line and value.

Drawing the Figure: July 24 to 27
Learn the basics of proportion, light, shade, and tone and gain an understanding of the anatomy with quick gesture drawing from a clothed model.

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