About Us

Practical art instruction in drawing and painting for children,
teens, and adults who want to be creative in their free time.
BellinghamART is ‘where everyone can learn to draw, and paint’

Drawing is the foundation for all visual art and learning the basics gives students an appreciation for art and world cultures. It gives them tools for creative expression, improved problem solving skills, and pride in their artistic accomplishments. By breaking down the art subject into simple shapes and building on that one step at a time our students learn to see the individual parts that make up drawings and paintings.

Our classes reflect a conviction that anyone, at any age, can learn to draw and paint. Our supportive environment is free of competition and other distractions helps to foster the concentration necessary for all of our students to achieve their artistic goals.

Lynn Zimmerman
Owner and Creative Director

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Our Instructors

lynn1Lynn Zimmerman
Born in British Columbia Lynn gained an appreciation for the beauty of landscape. She graduated from Capilano College as a graphic designer. She is the owner of BellinghamART and has taught for the last 15 years to developing artists of all ages. In her spare time she paints landscapes of the British Columbia interior. It’s subtle beauty, textures, and freedom from fast lifestyles is like a breath of fresh sweet air and is hard to describe in words, paint works better.

ron1Ron Frazier
Ron believes that half of the artist’s job is to study nature and develop the skills to reveal the wonder, the order, and the purpose of what is seen. In it’s essence, even the most mundane is beautiful. The other half of the artist’s job description is to reveal what is in his heart, and that’s what makes art personal and dramatic. So “Why Art?” Ron believes the artist’s call is to be true to their gift. Their call is to pursue excellence and develop his skills. www.ronald-frazier.com

andrea1Andrea Gabriel
Andrea is the illustrator of several acclaimed picture books for children, including Where Do I Sleep?, which won the Pacific Northwest Bookseller’s Award. She studied art at Western Washington University, and works as both an illustrator and exhibiting artist. As much as she enjoys making art, Andrea enjoys teaching. Helping students gain skills that will unlock the world of art is one of her great joys in life. www.andreagabriel.com

amy1Amy Marcheglani
Amy holds a BFA from Washington State University and Masters in Teaching from Western Washington University. She teaches art for elementary students at BellinghamART and instructs K-12 educators how to develop an art curriculum at WWU. She also teaches high school and middle school art, science, social studies and life skills at Home Port Learning Center along with summer enrichment courses through WWU’s Odyssey of the Arts and Sciences.

jess1Jess Bircham
Jess is a published children’s book Illustrator and mother of two amazing boys. She was raised in Bath England and then moved to the United States. She loves to be creative in every aspect of her life and has dabbled in everything from mural artistry to pet portraits, but her niche is in drawing and illustration. Jess loves children and animals (especially horses!) and finds great joy in teaching art to little ones. www.sparksaflying.com

emily1Emily Zimmerman
Emily was born into a family of artists. Here she learned quickly to love art and all that it encompasses. Pursuing her education in graphic design and illustration she graduated from Capilano University’s IDEA program and lives and paints in Vancouver, British Columbia. Emily teaches painting in our workshops and summer art camps. You can find her happily working on murals, illustrations, and oil paintings at www.emilyz.ca